Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Greeted Him With A Smile & An Umbrella

As many of you may have noticed Omar has been all over my Instagram timeline. Every other post is my husband and I acting up somewhere state side. I am sure most of you have wondered, "why isn't Omar in Japan?". HAHAHAHAHA. It's okay to admit that you are nosey. 

Omar returned back to the states last Friday after his resignation from his team in Hiroshima, Japan. Was this decision expected? No. Are we (mainly I) disappointed? No. Are we prepared to weather the storm? Yes. Are we (mainly I) nervous about our future? No, what kind of Christian do you take me for.

I honestly feel there is nothing to be embarrassed or worried about. My faith is so embedded in my Lord and Savior that I don't have many worries. I say "many" because I am still trying to master staying in our house alone [LOL]. But this situation does not bring about any worries for me. My husband and I are a strong team that will continue to flourish. We've prepared greatly for any storms that comes our way and we rest well every night knowing that God has a plan for us. I am a firm believer that God's plans for my life goes beyond my wildest dream. He is a man that makes no mistakes; therefore, this happen for a reason. Until that reason is revealed it's back to the drawing board. I cannot wait to see what God has in store. 

To all of Omar's fans that have reached out to us via social media, you are very much appreciated. The overwhelming love we've reached these past few days is unbelievable.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Make That Money Work - Spending vs. Investing

Pretend it's Friday and many of you might be receiving a paycheck today.  If you're anything like me, the very first thought on payday is how to divvy up the funds towards various bills and expenses.  Then, whatever's left is considered "spending money" to be used on random expenses that occur over the next couple of weeks.  Then, payday happens again and the cycle repeats itself.

Here's the thing.  We really have only two main resources to creating what we desire. We have our time and we have our money.  Both can be easily squandered mindlessly if we aren't careful. In the past, we've discussed how to purposefully allocate time by using a calendar and scheduling in time to work on your goals.  Now we talk about how to use your money in a way that propels you forward.

One fun activity you can do is to take a look back at the electronic records of your spending in January.  When I looked back, some of the transactions were eye opening.  Although I didn't make any major purchases, I had quite a few random small purchases that were insignificant in the grand scheme of things.  For instance, one day I had a craving for pistachios and made an impromptu trip to Walgreens to satisfy my urges.  While there, I picked up a few other small items and incurred an expense of $17. 00. Yesterday, I visited Bath and Body Works store and purchased a few new items. After picking up two new lotions and a few other things, I left with $33.00 less than I had when I entered. Was I wrong to spend that money on those items? Absolutely not.  We work hard, we are rewarded with money and we have a choice with how we spend our money.

But, what if instead of buying more lotion (I already have 100 of them) and pistachios, I decided to allocate those $50.00 towards something of more value.  If I had taken the same $50.00 and bought a quality candle instead, I would have received more value.  Why? Because when I burn one of my favorite smelling candles while I work, it elevates my mood, boosts my creativity and increased my productivity.  Or, I could have used the $50.00 and treated myself to a mani or pedi. Doing so could have a positive confidence and encouraged me to put a little more time in my daily appearance.  Maybe could have purchased enough organic vegetables to cover a week of juicing.  Or perhaps, I should have applied the $50.00 towards and experience that brings immense joy in my life like visiting my favorite sushi restaurant or having Sunday brunch with my husband. The possibilities are endless. The point is that I could think of 50 "better" things to do with the $50.00 based on the value I received.

Money is a tool exchanged for value.  Your goal should be to allocate your money towards things that bring greater value than what you spent. If, you have invested $0.00 last month towards generating more money, I invite you to rethink how you spend.  It could be something as passive as an interest bearing saving account or 401(k).  Or maybe you're taking even bolder steps like investing in a business. Whatever you decide to do, make it a goal to allocate a little money every month to work for you.

Now, before I spend money, I will ask myself, "Am I getting the value back for my investment?"  Another important question to ask "what else can I be doing with this money that could bring me more overall value?"

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ending Poverty Through Education #LifeFoundation

It would be a lie [for lack of better words] to say everyone in some way; shape or form is not looking for a sense of validation. We may not seek the same kind but we are all in the pursuit of validation. We self-consciously ask ourselves; did they hear me, did they see me and/or did what I say mean anything to them.

My validation comes from my organization. My intentions through Leadership in Full Effect is to end poverty. Realistically, I know I cannot complete this task on my own. However, I can build a community around me to help accomplish this task. I feel if I equip our future generations through education than they can use their success to give back to their communities. I know this is not an easy task but it’s not impossible. To accomplish change you have to change the way people think and see themselves. You have to create a sense of aspiration and hopefulness. You have to create a vision for a better life. Leadership in Full Effect is the answer.

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Spiritual Practice: Taking Care of Yourself, Keeping Yourself Centered

Selfishness vs. Selflessness 

In my post from last week, Finding Home For Yourself, I discussed how as a business owner I was being selfish. I was being selfish in my intention and timing. I was pursuing a dream at the time out of satisfaction. However, I do believe there are times when being selfish is beneficial to those around us and ourselves.

You cannot share experiences, knowledge or give anything for that matter that you don’t have; therefore, you have to keep yourself full. Full with life, information and your sole purpose. Align your personality with your purpose [soul] than nobody can touch you. Your real work is to figure out why you are here and get in the business of doing that. It’s a compliment to be full of yourself because only when you are full will you have so much to share. Only in fullness will you be able to offer yourself to the rest of the world.

Put yourself at the top of your priority list, nature yourself.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Finding Home For Yourself (Career, Life and Leadership) – Oprah Winfrey #GirlBoss

On December 31st, I ended the year without a sense of drive. I wanted my first accomplishment in the New Year to be about focus and growth. I spent the first twenty-one days of the year fasting social media. I eliminated social media in order to allow God to come into my life and take over. I asked for God to show me the error of my ways, make my purpose clear and strength my mind to conquer the year ahead of me. During my break from social media I watched an interview on Oprah Winfrey that open my thought purpose on being “Intentional”.

In the interview I posted below, Oprah did a controversial episode, early in her career, where she brought a husband, wife and his girlfriend on her show. Unbeknownst to Oprah, the husband decided on live television to tell his wife that his girlfriend was pregnant. Oprah immediately felt the wife’s embarrassment and shame. She knew from that point her show needed change. She would no longer be used by television but she would use television for good. She asked herself how could she use this platform to speak to the world? How did she want to see change in the world? How does she want to impact the world?

As much as I hate to admit, I realized I started an organization called Leadership in Full Effect to fulfill a sense of satisfaction within myself. To feel like I was bringing a sense of accomplishment to the table my husband lays all his achievements on. Please don’t be mistaken, being a nonprofit founder has always been a dream of mine but I questioned my motives behind the timing. Until, I watched this interview I didn’t understand how dishonest and selfish I was being. That’s when God directed my attention to this interview. If I was going to start this organization right now, I must be intentional in all my discussions. I am taking “innocent” lives in my hands; therefore, I will not do anything unless I have fully thought out my intentions. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and what propels the action is the intention.

When I removed my selfish ways out of the equation, God poured his own accomplishments in my life. The first two days after my fast ended I received incredible news. My hard work is paying off and my heart is definitely in the right place. I will continue to pray that my heart stays focused on God's work. It's easy to get caught up on yourself but that's not what we were put on this Earth for. There is a bigger picture than ourselves.

I pray you watch this interview and it answers or reveals something deep within of you.