Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Faith Without Work Is Dead

I happen to come across this wonderful comic that I had to share with you. It details the wonderful lesson of being a producer vs. consumer while reminding us of the rewards of remaining diligent & consistent with our actions.

As consumers, we generally will receive a paycheck every so often. We then take the money and utilize it to consume products and services. We pay for our bills, we buy food, gas, other necessities.  We live the life of consumption for a couple of weeks until we are paid again and repeat the cycle.  Here's the thing, a life of consumerism has a set path.  We make enough to pay for the things we consume, but not enough to live the life we desire. We will never have abundance if we only operate as consumers.

I remember walking through a neighborhood filled with expensive homes. As I strolled through the perfectly maintained streets I wondered what the people inside "did for a living." I now know this wasn't the right question to ask. Mainly because they probably didn't have job like most of us. Instead the better question was "what did they do to get where they are." The second question is one that opened my mind to the multitude of possibilities available to create infinite levels of abundance. I've since learned that these people living in the large homes are most likely producers. 

Producers are those who create value for others in the marketplace. EVERY SINGLE THING YOU OWN OR CONSUMED WAS CREATED BY A PRODUCER. For years, I gave all of my wealth to producers without even thinking about it. I bought, bought, and bought. Yet, at the same time, the only source of income I received was directly related to my time. Meaning, if I did not give up 40-50 hours a week to my employer, I would not receive any income. Producers, on the other hand, would often be outside enjoying their day as I drove through their neighborhoods on my lunch break. Their time and money was not connected. As long as I remained just a consumer, my life would never really change.

FAITH is not a substitute for poor planning | even though the project appears to be improbable s[he] planned | God gives opportunity to planners not dreamers - Nehemiah 2